Link to Hub/Hub Link - Who's doing the work?

Hi All,

So I've received my new C7 (thank you and it's time to introduce a second hub to my environment. I have installed Link to Hub and Hub link apps successfully.

I would like to lighten the workload on the old Hub by moving all my Transition Rules to the new Hub.
I'm trying not to create a second (third if I count Philips Hue) Zigbee network, so I would like to keep all devices connected to the old hub and the used devices linked to the new Hub.

Now my question is: will a transition performed on the new hub, put strain on the old hub, or will all the tasks be performed by the new hub only?

My second option will be to move all my motion rules to the new hub. But then my question is: will the rules be as quick on "linked" motion sensors, as on motion sensors connected to the hub directly?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions on the best way to share my load...

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I dont think many people use link to hub/hub link any more. The preferred option is HubConnect, which from memory, is the official recommendation (although I could be wrong).

HubConnect is fantastic, and once set up correctly, doesnt put any extra strain on the old hub, since the old hub is already sending out that information. The new hub (server) just listens.

HubConnect is here. Best to read the first post, and maybe the last 200.

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Thank you Mike! I thought I'll stick to the built in apps :slight_smile:
I will have a look at HubConnect.

link to hub/hub link are a lot easier to install but are quite limited in the attributes they transfer. For instance, a Garage Door Opener will send the state, but won't send the open/close. So you can detect the door open or close, but can't tell the GDO to close from the connected hub. You can work around that by adding a virtual switch and run that through link to hub/hub link and then use RM to have the GDO follow the switch.

HubConnect was born from that lack of attributes. If I remember right, color isn't transferred. My initial connection of three Hubitat Hubs was via link to hub/hub link. It did OK. I had to create a lot of workarounds, but once done, it was done. :slight_smile:

HubConnect is a larger number of setup steps, but 'mirrors' all attributes.

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 8.29.46 PM

I'll second Mike's recommendation. I have 3 hubs connected with Hubconnect, it's a very polished piece of software, and offers a seamless experience, with realtime bidirectional communication.
I had used hub link but found it lacking