Link to Hub / Hub Link: no thermostat

Honnestly, what do you have against thermostats in general at Hubitat? LOL It's not possible to set up thermostats with Alexa and, now, I see that Hub Link won't offer this capability??? What's the point?

There are a few shortcomings in Link to Hub, this apparently being one. It looks like you've checked out HubConnect, which if you're not aware does support thermostats. (And speaking of that, I'm using it in conjunction with the ST cloud to get my thermostat on Alexa, though there are other, more awkward workarounds.)

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Yes I use HubConnect too. I just tried Link to Hub a couple times, not believing my eyes when I saw all the shortcomings... Too bad, I would have liked a built-in app for using multiple hubs.

HubConnect is far superior and is essentially considered the go to app for linking multiple hubs.

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