Link to hub for valve and garage door opener

Let me tell my short story first. I started with just one hub and soon figured out that it only can directly connect up to 32 ZigBee non-repeating devices. Next step was to add few ZigBee wired devices and that seems to solve my problem, at least at the first glance. Unfortunately I faced limitation in such solution - if device is connected to the hub or directly but over few other mesh nodes I can not distinguish between digital and physical operation on the switch (well, took some time to investigate that :wink: ) and mi wife requires manual switch override. So, I added 2 new hubs that just run rule machine and master one with no radio but with all other rules, all starts working as expected except 2 things.

  1. Master valve exported from slave hub can not be added to safety monitor

  2. Garage door opener exported from slave hub appears only as garage door sensor. I can see it’s status but can not control the door.

Maybe anyone already fights this problem and knows solution ?

Thanks, Yuri

You, my freind, need to install hubconnect, and all your problems will be solved.
Carefully follow all instructions

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Stuck on the valve with

app:4682020-02-04 02:07:46.208 am error... Uunable to create device Main Valve : Device type 'HubConnect Valve' in namespace 'shackrat' not found.

And don’t see driver for it :frowning:

Me bad, just blind. Found the driver and it appeared. Let’s see if all my 2 issues are resolved. Thanks!

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