Linear/GoControl WADWAZ-1 Contact Switch

Hi, I just installed the Hubitat hub and trying out my first device. I was able to add the WADWAZ-1 contact sensor and register changes to state of the internal reed switch in Hubitat. However, I can't get the sensor to register changes to the state of the external switch. I need the external switch functionality to monitor my mailbox. When viewing the Device Status, I see a box section labeled Commands with a box labeled "Configure",. Clicking does nothing. There is also another label in the section labeled State Variables, but that is blank.

Also, given that I've only added one z-wave device, I don't have any repeating. I noticed that the range of the Hubitat z-wave antenna is rather short. I can only get about 10-15 ft from the hub (though a sheetrock wall). The same device had a much longer range with my Wink 1 hub. Repeating will help, but I won't normally have z-wave devices that close together.

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Possibly having some major range issues as well with my brand new setup. I have a repeater between my two devices that are malfunctioning and the hub and am still not seeing improvement. I also have a contact sensor that isn't working reliably.

I've kicked it up to official support and am waiting for a true way to see if my plug-in switch is being used as a repeater as it should be. I don't think it is currently even though the z-wave alliance website says it supports beaming repeater functionality. I'll let you know if I get anywhere, but I think the consensus is yes the range is low compared to SmartThings...

I agree as the range doesn't seem very good on this usb stick. The other zwave plus usb stick I have works much better..

So I forgot I had one more in-wall z-wave switch to add to the system that was in between the hub and the door lock (and contact switch).
Adding this device and running a z-wave repair got the lock and contact switch working tonight. We'll see how it goes in the long term.

Still really curious why the Aeon plug-in module didn't relay the signal properly... Oh well sorry there's no smoking gun for you.

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That's great it worked for you and it might work for me once I get more devices moved over. I need the external switch functionality, so I put in a formal support request. Once I have that resolved, I can add more devices.

No my zigbee light out on my porch isn't working... Ugh...

Have you used different, better sticks with Hubitat?

I ordered a different one and Iโ€™m going to try it and see how it is. It wonโ€™t have zigbee but I donโ€™t use that part anyway but it looks like you do.

Yea i've only got the one device, and of course it's on the edge of the network.

Yeah I have a Conbee zigbee stick in my other box. I have some outside garden light And I had to put a zigbee plug repeated in between cause they are on the edge of the network.

I just tested and the external switch works with the the generic z-wave contact sensor driver, but the device cover has to be closed. During testing you can just hold down the tamper switch.


Well, what do you know. I guess I hadn't tested it with the cover on it. I just tested it and it worked. Thanks so much!