Linear Garage Door Stops Responding

Hello all. I have combed through previous posts and haven't found a solution to my specific problem. I have a Linear/Iris garage door controller connected to my Hubitat. I also have a z-wave repeater between the the hub and garage controller (30 ft overall distance). When I pair the garage controller to the hubitat, it functions as intended. After I have everything setup and working appropriately with my system, its only a matter of time before the garage controller "disconnects" from the hub. This could happen after a few days or weeks, its random. From what I can tell, it basically stops communicating with the hub. I have reset the hub and controller with the only solution being to unpair and repair the garage to regain functionality. I don't know exactly what is going on, but it is frustrating to have to uninstall the garage controller to get it to repair with the system. Has anyone had any problems like this? I appreciate all help and will troubleshoot any suggestions. Thank you.

Sounds like a signal problem... I see that you have a repeater, but that may not be enough.

  1. You can't force a zwave device to use the repeater
  2. You can't see if it is actually using the repeater without external tools

I would add a few more plugin/hardwired zwave devices. Also, if you add more devices, make sure and do a zwave repair.

As an adder, I have two Linear GDZ001 garage door openers - they never drop signal/need re-pairing in my install. But I have 50+ repeating zwave devices too... lol.

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In addition to what Joel said, I would make sure that you add Zwave Plus devices. I may be mistaken, but I remember reading that some non Plus devices didn't route secure barrier class devices like the garage door.

Thank you for the replies. I will add another repeater but I will be sure to make it a zwave plus. I was unaware of the extra security potentially required for the garage.

I don't have a garage but wonder . . . do garage doors need a repeater that supports beaming? As locks do?

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They do.

Almost all zwave plus hardwired devices support beaming, but one can also check the zwave conformity report on a specific device to verify.

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FWIW, I have a Linear opener as well and had this exact problem. It worked perfectly for about 6-8 weeks and then just dropped. Since then, I moved my HE (by about 5 feet) and did a repair and since then it's been rock solid (going on probably 3 months now). I imagine adding a repeater might provide the same benefit though, as others have said, it's hard to make sure the door uses the repeater...

Because none of us have Radio Goggles (to see the radio waves,) we can't tell how the traffic is routing. The Beaming Repeater used may not actually be the one closest to the Lock or Garage Door Opener. (GDO) It's entirely possible that a repeater, a foot from the Hub is doing that job.

Using a 'wall wart' type of ZWave Appliance Module or Dimmer and just plugging it in various places and testing your GDO may indicate which Outlet you want to replace with a ZWave one. :smiley:

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I have had this problem with my Linear/GoControl garage door controller on 3 different home automation systems, however I have found I can simply unplug it, wait 10 seconds plug it back in then hit the pair button on top and within an hour it will be fully functional again for many more weeks/months, I've never had to unjoin/rejoin it. I have only had it happen once on Hubitat but I have many Z-Wave plus switches and devices that work as repeaters now.

I have often thought about the lack of visibility with radio waves. I have considered putting a WiFi router at the same location as the hub and a WiFi analyzer app on my phone. Although there is no real way to correlate the different radio signals, antenna orientation etc, it might be an interesting exercise using devices one already has. Cross referencing the WiFi data with what I can get in OZWCP might be useful troubleshooting issues. Zwave analyzer devices or spectrum analyzers are expensive and unless you do Zwave for a living probably not something the average person is going to get.

You might need a Real Time Spectrum analyzer to look at things. I'm not sure how "bursty" these various protocols are....might be interesting though. An inexpensive SDR might d o the trick. Could be time to browse around Tindie!

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Funny enough I've been experiencing repeat of this lately with my opener. I'll probably try @Terk's solution and see if that fixes it for a while. I certainly haven't changed anything lately (no devices added or removed)... it was super stable on my Vera, not sure why it won't remain so on the HE.