Lineage OS

I've got an old Alba tablet which I want to update the android version. I could post this in xda fourm but I'm not that technical and this a 1 off job,

I've read a few posts and how to's but I'm stuck on what version of lineage to use, I downloaded android system and it give the following

Could anyone help/advise

I don't think you can just grab a Lineage OS build and flash it.
It's not just about the processor, it's also about other hardware came with it that require device drivers.
I didn't see Alba in their official build downloads, so that might require customization or unless it's a rebadged of other models in the official build list.

I have Lineage OS Android 5 flashed to my Fire HD 10 2015, it's my central smart devices controller at home. That's the only custom build that still have the camera/video working, all other Lineage OS with newer Android version couldn't get the camera working by the authors in xda.
The biggest issue is official Alexa app only works for Android 6 and up now.

The same reason I have the Fire HD 8 2015 with SlimLP rom, all other Lineage build regardless which Android version cannot get the camera working.

Thanks for that looking, in the system details its Archos board inside. I was mainly looking for later android version to support Google assistant and the family link app they have