Line numbers

Just updated a narly RM script I really like and came to wonder, could we have line numbers in front of the lines? If those were also shown in the drop down views it would be so much easier to find the correct line when editing/designing.

Just a thought, ideas?


+1 on this enhancement

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Yuck. Not a fan of this one.

I have some instances where the drop down item gets wrapped only when selected.. this makes items in the UI change position while selecting. I could see why line numbers could help with this.

But in general I do think they are nasty.

Imagine just being able to click on the desired line in the main list to pop open and edit for that line. :slight_smile:

Maybe right click to select things like "Copy", "Paste Before, "Insert Before", or "Delete". Double :slight_smile:


That would be even better than having the line numbers!!!


I agree numbers would definitely be an improvement but would love to just be able to click a line in the main list and be able to choose to edit, delete, copy, insert before, ...

That's a great, simple UI improvement idea!