Lights turning on by themselves

Hi all
Just started venturing into HE and having fun. I got an issue though where for some reason my kids lights turn on in the afternoon and I don't have a clue why. I can't find anything in the apps. But if you see in the screenshot below, the lights turn on and slowly increase over time. They are Hue bulbs (through hue bridge) and controlled by a Xiaomi wireless wall switch. The app that I have set up is through simple lighting. The actions are main lights toggle on click and night light toggle on double click.
Is there a way of determining what the trigger is? I don't know if I've done something wrong in HE or if there's some kind of fault in the switch.

Open the device details page for the light in question, and click on Events. That will show some information about the source of the event. Also, look at the In Use By section at the bottom of the device page, and see what Apps are touching that device.

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Any possibility there was a routine set up in the Hue app?

Thanks for the replies. I've checked hue and there are no routines running. I'll also check Google home routines but I doubt it's that as the one light that was linked (the nightlight) was recent and I never did anything with it.
I tried looking at events but unfortunately couldn't get any more detail.
I've removed the only routine that involves the nightlight as a test (to see if the main lights still come on and not the nightlight - it's always been both).

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