Lights Turned On. Rule False


Ah ha. Excellent.
Must have missed that.
All is now revealed. :wink:


Here is the event log from the rule that shows that the rule became true when it ran the event for the day at 00:00.

Here is the rule again.


By cancel do you mean Stop? There is no "cancel", except for "delay with cancel on truth change". Stop has nothing to do with scheduled events except for Periodic.


That's what I meant, Stop (not cancel). I'll start a different thread for this instead of muddying up this one, I think it's a different issue. Here's a link:


The Restrictions on these two Rules are M,T,W,T,F.

I don't have any cancellations in either of these two rules.


Probably already mentioned , sorry if this is a repeat.

Have you checked the "In Use By" section of the device and walked through everything listed to make sure something else isn't causing the changes?


OK. Who is this to?
This thread of mine seems to have been taken over.
I have a specific fault/bug that I'm looking for advice/fix and this thread is slowly moving away from my issue.
I have stated numerous times what my issue is, posted the rules and events more than once.
We are now over 100 posts with probably about 10 actually about the issue in post 1.
Can we please keep this on topic.
Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, its not meant to be but this is starting to frustrate me.
TIA. :slight_smile:


We are both having the same issue. Lights were turning on at midnight for some strange reason which it was thought was because Rules had a condition of Days of the Week in them. But we broke the Rules down smaller and made the Days of the Week a Restriction which seems to work. So there seems to be a bug for having a Condition for Days of the Week. However, there is also a bug of some sort for Sunrise Conditions.


An outsider looking in:
You posted a problem, PCgirl posted she thought she had the same problem. You tagged Bruce saying two of us have this problem. The thread continued with people working with pcgirl on her issue. Looks like the natural flow of thread not a true thread hijack.