Lights Turned On. Rule False


Did it change to true or was the rule already true? The rule being true does not mean the that lights should turn on as the rule will only execute the true action when it changes from true to false and only execute the false actions when it changes from true to false. So, just looking at the rule at any one time doesn't mean that it would have necessarily just fired.

Can you show the log of the rule events?


See above. I have posted some snapshots here along with exactly what I want to happen and what happened. But as you can see in the Events above, the lights went off at 9:26pm but turned on again at 12:00am. Then I turned them off at 7:33am because they didn't turn off at sunrise -20.


And as I asked...can you post the events from the RULE. That is telling us what is happening but not what is causing it.


I went back to my original 2 pistons (which I combined into one and had the issue) which have the days as a restriction as opposed to a condition.
There must be some sort of bug lurking that caused this.
Without going back through the posts does your rule have separate days in the conditions?
Mine did and the lights would turn on at midnight even though the rule was false.



Yes, it does have certain days in the conditions! @Ryan780 my RM Rule doesn't show anything in the Rule Events:

And here is a pic of Scheduled Jobs. Notice the 12:00 schedule but I don't have anything setup for that time.


Have you not updated to 2.0.1 yet?


Wait...when did you take this screenshot? The rule should be true right now.

Do you have the timezone set correctly for your hub?


Hi @bravenel
Just thought I'd copy you into this thread in case there may be a bug lurking. Looks like 2 of us have had an issue.
Without having to read all the thread, I have a rule with various conditions within parenthesises.
It looks like if you have, in this case anyway, one condition with three days and another with 4, the rule seems to become true for some reason at midnight. probably when the day changes. If I split this into 2 rules with the days as restrictions then there is not an issue. Perhaps you can try to reproduce or there is a basic floor in my logic.
I have posted the rule again for reference.


I got a notice to update this morning, so I did the update. If you look at the other thread, I had also posted the list of bug fixes in that update and I wondered if the 5th and 8th would possible help with the issues I am having with these pistons. I just took that screen shot but it is only 3:50pm here so it should be false.


These two are causing me issues. Same as @bobgodbold but also issues with sunrise, sunset.

@bobgodbold how do you post just the piston?


I use a snipping tool or PicPick.
PicPick is probably better as you can do more with it.

I use the freebie.


If you're in chrome, I use Nimbus screenshot extension. It allows for Select and Scroll so you don't need multiple screenshots for a longer chrome window.

I would recommend updating and see if that fixes it.

Short of that, you might want to take the day of the week our of the condition and make it a restriction and see if that fixes it. Also, why are you "Refreshing" your undercabinet lights before turning them to 100%? What kind of lights are these?


I put in the Refresh because it didn't seem to be getting accurate status of the switch. It is a Leviton DZPA1-2BW Decora Smart Plug with the undercabinet lights plugged into the plug. It is using the Generic z-wave switch device.


Because the lights weren't turning on with the sunset -20. But maybe it was a bug. I did the update and this should fire in about 10 minutes so I will start the log and see what happens.


That's actually a z-wave plus device according to the website. You should be using the generic z-wave smart switch instead of the generic z-wave switch.


Sorry, yes I am using the Generic z-wave dimmer. I will change it to the Generic z-wave Smart Dimmer. I was watching the logs and it looks like it has turned the lights on but I am not home at the moment to actually verify. When I get home I will report back. I will take the Refresh out of that piston. So hopefully the sunrise, sunset bug has been fixed.


Why does it report a "Physical" type instead of "Digital" type in the Events?


Do you mean Generic Z wave SWITCH and Generic Z Wave Smart SWITCH? Cause it doesn't look like that's a dimmable device. The DZPD3-2BW is their dimmable plug in module.


Leviton DZPD3-2BW Decora Smart Plug-in Dimmer
It is this one. I have one of each but this one is the one I use for the dimmable lights in the kitchen.


Do you see what I mean though....I asked you what device you had and you told me something else. So I spent the last 30 mins running something down that didn't apply at all. That's just kinda inconsiderate of other people's time. It's not like I'm getting paid to help you.