Lights Turn on then Immediately Off

Hi all,

Thank everyone for the help so far! Just started install lighting switches by Zooz. Installed 2 Zen26 so far. I am also using Zooz 4in1 motion sensor as well. Been playing around with motion activating lights but sometimes the light would turn on and then immediately off. Both the dumb or the Zen26 have no problem turning on and off the lights physically. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!

Can you post screenshots of your motion rules?

I kept it as simple as I can to minimize error just to test it out. Thanks

Remove Skyfall Entry Chandelier from "switches to turn off lights". This tells the switch to turn off as soon as it turns on.

I thought "switches to turn off lights" is for a switch to turn off the light when pressed either on app or physical push of button?

This problem happens intermittently. I would say 2 out of 10 times. The rest of the time, light stays on for 1 minutes.

Thank everyone for the reply so far!

You're telling the motion sensor to turn on Skyfall Chandelier, then saying when Skyfall Candelier turns on, turn off Skyfall Chandelier.

I see, if this is the case, why does the light stays on most of the time? Sorry, I am so new at this, just trying to understand this better. Thanks!

According to Motion Lighting docs, @destructure00 appears to be correct.

Switches to turn off lights

Select any switches you wish to use to manually turn off lights, rather than waiting for motion inactive and delay before off .

It could be quite a few things, like a missed/delayed zwave report update from your switches. Try removing the Skyfall from the "additional" section and test.

I would guess it is a timing thing, or missed zwave messages, too.

That's where I am lost. I read "manually" so I figured this is a physical push of either the smart of dumb switch to turn off the light.

The light does stay on for 1 minute before it turns off like as ruled.

Yeah, the wording of these more complicated sections gets real way around it because there are so many suttleties to account for. This should be a switch that you would use to "manually override" the automation. Therefore, it can't and shouldn't be the same switch that you are turning on with motion.

@stephack - Thank you so much!! I will take that off and your explanation makes perfect sense!

So the Zooz 4in1 sensor measures lighting condition as well, what's a good level to set the lux value for the light to turn on? Thanks!

Update on this - I took the switches to turn off lights off option but it's still having the same issue. Upon closer inspection. Turning on the light was definitely attempted and with Zooz, the blue LED on the bottom turns off when the light is on. In my case, the light flashes and the blue LED is still off which means the switch think the light is in the "ON" position. Could it be my wiring or the switch is bad?

I am just using simple motion lighting right now, how long does it take for the light to turn on again after it turned on for the first time? Thanks!!