Lights on when come home (Garage Open)

Trying to think through the logic here...

I have a few lights I want to turn on when I get home. I've got a basic rule setup now that turns the lights on when the garage closes... but that obviously turns on the lights when I leave the house too.

Thinking I need to use a variable or a virtual switch to monitor when i'm leaving home vs when i'm coming home...but not totally sure the best way to do this?

Any suggestions?

That was a toughie for me too. You don't want to turn off the lights in the house when you're home. I've settled on letting the lights guide me into the house, where the motion sensor takes over in the kitchen. The guiding lights turn off 5 minutes after the garage doors close; enough time to take off coat, shoes, etc. Only after dark though. Only simple auto for me.

I have SmartThings arrival sensors for the cars, but only for opening the garage doors and making sure they are closed after exit (just in case I forgot). Could've gone that route too, I suppose.

Very easy with the simple automation app. Use your phone as a presence sensor and set the rule to fire when you arrive only. Here's one i use.

Is that new?
I don't recall being able to choose arrival/departure as a trigger when I originally set mine up.

Nope i've been using it for a fair while.

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