Lights in group turning on randomly

I have 15 zigbee Juno Connect lights installed all assigned to groups based on the room they are in with simple rules set up to turn the groups on and off based on button pushes. All my switches are either Zooz zen71 on/off or Zooz zen32 controllers. All of the switches are wired to remain on at all times and set to smart bulb mode so there is constant connection to the bulbs.

I can go weeks with never having a hiccup and then all of a sudden out of nowhere I will find that one of the lights in the group has turned on by itself with never anything showing in the event logs that I can find. This 99% of the time happens in the middle of the night. Tonight I actually saw it happen and again nothing showing in the event log. Group was shut off at 930 pm and one light popped on at 1030pm

Is there somewhere maybe I am not looking to figure out why this is happening?

Attached are logs from time between shut off and turn on.

I have seen mention of Alexa hunches being a possible culprit in cases like this. Do you use Alexa by chance?

No Alexa but I do use Google Home and sometimes not often at all use our nest hub to control the lights.

It was just a thought. Google doesn't seem to have the same issues. Smarter people will chime in soon with a proper answer.

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You said nothing is showing in the events but what is this? The time is cut off, is that at 10:30?

This is showing that the Circadian Daylight app issued a setLevel command to that device.
Is it possible the state of the light was incorrect, and the hub thought it was still on, so then this app was adjusting its level?

I guess I should clarify that the event log showed them being shut off around 930 and never showed them being turned back on. The set level command was at 10:30 when that single light randomly turned back on.

Is there a way for me to tell what state the light was reporting at a previous time?

Yes, its right in the event log of the device, look for name of "switch" and on / off. Whatever is the first event before your screenshot is the state it was in before that took place.

Need to look at that one device, not the group.

Looked at the event logs further and it does appear that the light was turned in at 734 when the group was activated but didnt report as being off around 930 when the group was turned off.

Is there a way to improve the lights reporting the correct state?

For the group do you have it setup in the Groups app or Room Lighting?

The groups app. Room lighting I have played with but it always ends up overwhelming me.

I believe in groups you can set metering unless it was removed, you could try that but it might make the lights turn on one by one instead of all at once.

Another thing you can do is whatever you have set to turn the group on/off send the command twice with maybe a 1-2 second delay in between. That might get anything that did not respond on the first try.