Lights in Group keep turning on and off

I am using Groups 2.1 (though this happened with Groups 2.0 also) - I have a dimmer and a switch in a group. If you press either on and off quickly, the lights turn on and off and repeat sometimes for several minutes. Its like its getting stuck in a loop where one is triggering the other before the other has had a chance to complete.

How do I fix this?

To avoid this, try to put in a WAIT/PAUSE statement in the rule.
Why would you, just for fun, fumble with the switch just to try to have it go bananas? Or is it kids related, or a well trained dog? Hehe
Maybe you just like to kick the box hard, to see where it fails? Hahaha


Lol - yes kids and sometimes by accident too! Would the wait come first or at the end of the rule ?