Lights don't stop flashing

I have HSM to alert me of a water leak using a water sensor. I got alerted of a leak and as I set it up, a bunch of lights started flashing. I went into the HSM app and canceled the alert, but a few of the lights continue to flash. This has happened a few times with different lights. The only only way I get get them to stop flashing is with a hub reboot

Have you experimented with these from their device page? I too have lights never to use flash on, because they only stop when the breaker is pulled (not for the hub, but for the light controller).

Seems like I can get them to stop flashing by hitting stop on the device page. Not a big deal, I don't flash lights often anyway.

Since you can command the lights through the device page, create a virtual switch and put it on a dashboard. Have that switch trigger a rule that'll cancel the HSM alert, stop the flashing lights, and reset the switch.


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