Lights didn't turn off last night. Trying to debug

At 10:30 at night I move from Evening mode to Night mode.
Last evening we went to bed just before the mode change time.
My upstairs lights and En Suite lights came on with motion as expected. While on I think the mode changed happened. Neither light turned off as expected. I triggered motion again and the turned off after the desired delay.
One is a RM app rule the other a Motion app rule.
Past logs do not go back far enough.
Could there be an issue where mode changes will cancel a timer that was set in the previous mode?
Was it a gremlin that we all get now and then.
Not a big issue but I was just wondering if there is a potential bug lurking about.
Here is the motion app rule.

EDIT. Just looked at the events log for each device and can see that the OFF command was sent to each device but they did not turn off for some reason.
So the rules did work as expected. Must have been one of those things.

Just last night my basement stairs lights remained on (hue bridge integration) while the main basement light (local HE device) turned off after 10 minutes of inactivity per usual. My basement motion activation is a trigger and goes through RM. That issue may be a Hue communication thing and not necessarily HE.

Would adding a "refresh" (or "poll") for those devices help? Is that a good idea in general?

Wonโ€™t help. The integration already polls. The logs will show if Off was sent to the bridge.

But if you refresh/re-poll the status of the light on the Bridge (or maybe refresh the bridge itself if thats even possible) shouldn't it eventually show as on? I'm assuming that the Hue Hub knows the light is on.. but I did not check those logs.

But that assumes HE didnโ€™t send OFF to the Hue bridge. You need to check the logs to confirm.

Now that I think about it - the light in HE was still showing on. I remember because I turned it off from devices and checked the other lights. That means that the triggering action did not work completely for some reason. It doesn't seem to be a regular occurrence - will keep an eye on things and check both logs if it happens again. Just ran an update on the Hue.

It's important to examine the logs. Hue is good, but by no means perfect. I had devices (not necessarily Hue) "bounce" back on. HE sent the OFF command to the device, but the device decided otherwise and bounced right back on, so HE updated the device detail as would be expected to show the device still ON.

I'm having this issue, I think. If you're still around, did you figure out how to fix this? It happened to me last night with a Hue bulb (connected to Hubitat via the Hue Bridge)

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