Lighting Scene Between Times?


I used to use a Hue Hub and am not interested in using motion sensors or special switches to operate my lights. Is this possible?

Light switch is turned on > Smart bulb turns on > Checks time of day and sets scene correctly > As day goes on scene will change as needed.

SmartThings does not allow to control based on time between, 10am-11am set scene. Does Hubitat allow this or is there a better solution?


You can do this with Room Lighting. It has time periods you would set, and an option to adjust the lights on time period change. The lights would turn on according to the current time period. This is essentially scenes that change over time.

Thanks for the feedback! So if I have a 10am-11am scene and the bulb is off (light switch off) all day > I turn on the light switch at 1020am > will the bulb go to that scene?

Are you killing the power to the Hue bulbs? If so, that might be problematic with what you want. Room Lighting can definitely handle the time periods and scenes as I use it, but my Hue bulbs always have power.

Yeah I would like to kill the power to the bulbs and still have them turn on to the correct scene once turned back on based on time. I don't mind if they turn on and start dim then go to the correct scene once re-connected. Anyway to do this?

I'm not into using motion detectors or special switches as my home will also be a rental so I want to keep it simple.

What type of scenes are you hoping to use? Various shades of white? There is no real easy way to do this, but it might be possible. This is generally why smart switches are recommended for rentals unless you get some sort of smart button/remote. However, let’s try to find a solution first.

Do you mean physically kill power to the bulbs, as in turning a switch off at the wall?

As @JB10 mentioned, switching the power to the bulbs on and off creates a problem.

Hubitat can’t communicate with a smart bulb that has no power.

Or by “kill the power” did you mean control the bulb so that it turns off and is not outputting any light?

Yes killing the power with the switch. What hoping that when the bulb comes back on it can default to a dim scene which I know Hue can have presets for. And once it communicates with the hub it can determine the time of day, which scene and brightness to use. Guessing it would only take a few seconds to connect and do this am I wrong?

This won't work. There is no event generated by power being restored to the bulb, so the hub can't change its settings. Only solutions for this entail leaving the bulb powered at all times.

Bummer, thanks so much for your help though!