Lighting Control Help For Newbie

I just purchased a C7 and have successfully updated the firmware and got it communicating with (2) zooZ ZSE43 tilt sensors for my garage doors. I still need to mount the sensors, build a dashboard, and get the iPhone app installed, but looking ahead I have a lighting question.

I've got (3) lantern style outside light fixtures adjacent to my garage doors that total about 540W. They are operated by a single pole switch located near the door going into the house. If I were to replace that switch with a zooZ ZEN73, am I correct in assuming that I could turn the lights ON/OFF from the switch as well as some automatic clock type function? I was thinking of something like ON at dusk and OFF at midnight. Am I also correct in assuming that the switch is momentary ON/OFF and would be able to turn the lights OFF if they had been turned ON automatically as well as ON if they were turned OFF automatically?

Would the ZEN73 switch have an LED that would indicate the current status of the lights?

Yes. You will be able to set up the switch to automatically turn on at dusk or at a specific time. You will also be able to control it manually if you want to, unless you decide to set it up so that it cannot be controlled physically at the switch which can be useful if you want to use a smart bulb with it.

Yes. I don’t have this specific switch, but as I understand it, the toggle stays in the center and can be pushed up or down regardless of if it is on or off already.

Someone who has this switch can confirm, but from the pictures on its web site, it doesn’t seem like it has a LED.

The switches with the best LEDs are the Inovelli switches in my opinion. However, they only have Décora (rectangle) style and they are currently out of stock - they should have more stock later in the month or in February I think.

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@user3571 Don't forget to update the z-wave stack itself. You will find the button at the to of the z-wave details page. This is seperate from the platform update. Welcome to hubitat!!!

And don't forget to read all about setting up a solid zwave or zigbee mesh! It's a lot easier to read these BEFORE installing a bunch of devices rather than doing what I did.