Lighting automation for Bathroom Lights

I am using GE motion dimmers in my bathroom. One is right at the entrance to the bathroom, there is a separate toilet room which has its own motion dimmer.

At night, I would like the motion dimmer at the entrance to trigger the lights in the toilet room. Motion in toilet room keeps lights active before auto turn off. I have been able to get this working in Basic rule, but the problem I have is if I manually turn the toilet light off it will turn back on when walking by the main entrance motion sensor.

What is the simplest way to make it so that if there is a manual off of the toilet lights that the automation won't trigger for a set period of time?

You could set a RM rule that simply pauses the basic rule for a minute on a physical off at that switch. I wasn't 100% sure you could pause basic rules with RM but you can.

There are other ways but that was the first that came to mind for me.

[Edit] I just tried to set an example of what I was talking about and I don't know if it is a bug or my setup, I only have two basic rules.
I can pause a basic rule but when I select resume a rule, I can again set it to basic rules but it won't list any rules to resume. Is this not allowed @bravenel?

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Which driver are you using for the switch? The built in one, or the community one? If you use the community driver, you get more options, specifically for multi-tap.

If you use Motion Lighting, you can use a switch to disable turning on. You could double tap your switch, and use that to set a virtual switch that would auto reset after X amount of time.

There might be a community app that can do this, Lights On Motion Plus comes to mind, but I didn't specifically try this scenario in that app.

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This is a known bug in RM, fixed in the upcoming 2.2.8 release.

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Actually I just realized I don't have any basic rules. I couldn't remember if I had created any basic rules but when I selected pause basic rules it listed two. I just now realized the two rules it listed were not basic rules but simple automations. So I guess that is part of the bug?

Odd. Will check...