Lightify Smart Switch issue

Paired fine and recognized correctly. As a test, created a simple automation rule to turn on a kitchen light. Pressing button 1 turns on the pantry light, the light in the ceiling fan in the living room, plus several other lights. Then pressing the button again turns the kitchen light on as requested and the other lights that were turned on stay on, while I can toggle the kitchen light on and off with the button. Triple checking, the only box selected is for the kitchen light.
Why are all these other lights turning on?

Update. Changed the action to turn on just a smart plug. Same batch of lights turned on in addition to the smart plug. Deleted the automation and created a new one with the same results.

Oh come on! Do I have a poltergeist? I have messed with this until i fell asleep last night.


What does the "in use by" section in the device page say for the light in question?

I would bet that this is not correct. If you are talking about the 4 button switch, it will turn on/off every zigbee device in your house if not paired correctly. This switch has a lot of information that needs to be sent to it in order to configure correctly. Any less than stellar Zigbee repeaters on the mesh will fubar the setup. I found that the only repeaters that it will configure correctly with (besides the hub itself) are SmartThings (zigbee 3) outlets.

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Aha! I must by have paired it incorrectly. Will investigate when I get home. Will the Lightify gateway work?

Not to send commands to anything not on the gateway. If you can switch off all devices that repeat and then join them, they take 1-2 minutes to join. I have 9 of these on a second HE with just end-devices and SmartThings outlets (and also a few Sylvania outlets) and they have worked perfectly since last December.

This is the 4 button remote. That explains why every ZigBee device turned on.

After excluding the button, what is the proper way to include it? Lots of conflicting info. Their website assumes you have their gateway. Some hold down 1 and 3, others 2 and 3.

This post from @mike.maxwell explains it well:

There is a stupid number of configuration commands that the driver needs to run in order for this device to work properly, it looks as if yours got half the way through and didn't finish.
Please delete it from he, factory reset, and join it again.
Factory teset: hold buttons 1 and 4 until device stops blinking (red I think)
Join: hold buttons 2 and 3 until device blinks yellow.
Discover device in HE as usual, this must be done while device is blinking yellow.

Also, like I said, less than stellar repeaters will cause it to not configure correctly.


It seems like I am over my head. All I want to do is get my 11 IKEA smart blinds off ST and move them to HE and have a remote that controls them. The blinds are the only things not migrated from ST to HE.

The WAF with the blinds is positive, only because of IKEA remote that comes with the blind. No remote means the WAF drops significantly. ST has a DH for the blinds and remote which work great. The IKEA remote is not supported on HE so my idea was to get a button that IS supported by HE and throw the IKEA remotes in a drawer. I didn’t think getting these Lightify remotes paired would be such a struggle. Now it appears a Samsung v3 ZigBee outlet is needed also. Is there an up/down button that is supported natively in HE without a repeater?

One issue I have is that the whole time I was living at home, the phrase “never give up” was stressed a lot. In fact, that exact phrase is on my father’s headstone at Jefferson Barracks cemetery.

Update. Success! Keeping fingers crossed. The only light turning on and off is the one selected! Now to exclude one IKEA blind from ST, include it in HE and have the button control the shade and not the light.

Three blinds in one room now respond to the Lightify remote! Life is good.! Now on to the other blinds and remotes.

For reference, these are the button positions
1 2
3 4

If you had zero repeaters (and less than 32 devices) you wouldn't have any issues getting the Lightify switches to pair. In fact, that is exactly how I paired 10 of them to my hub. They are more than happy to be child devices directly connected to the hub. I sat them about 6 inches away with no other devices connected at the time and joined them one at a time. The problem arises due to repeaters that can't handle all of the traffic to get them configured properly in the first place.