Lightify messing up other Zigbee devices

I bought a Lightify CT LED (the one here, though I didn't pay the currently-advertised price for it) and it's working fine -- the device itself. However, I'd seen some threads that the older Sylvania lights had trouble routing messages properly, and to make sure you get one of the newer ones.

This one has all the right branding, from what I'd found.... But ever since I installed it, I have a Zigbee door sensor that fails to update its status with the hub more often than not. Unplug the Lightify light, and the door sensor starts working a few moments later. So I clearly have a problem device.

Has anyone else found a good solution to this? Is there a fix, or a way to make this device not attempt to route messages? Or do I just need to toss it and find a different CT light?

I got half a dozen of those - they used to be ~$15 a piece. I just put them on a separate Hubitat along with other zigbee repeaters (Iris v2 outlets, Samsung outlets) but with no zigbee end-devices, and have no issues at all. My zigbee end-device Hubitat has no repeating lights/bulbs.

I think I bought those for about $15 a piece. At the time, it was cheaper to get a second Hubitat that replace all of them with a different CT light.

did you check you route info to be certain it's the new light?
and which zigbee door sensor?
paste the below with you hub IP

see if the door sensor is actually routing through the CT light

Thanks for the pointer -- I didn't know that info was actually exposed on the hub! Annnnnd it turns out that while there are some surprising routes in my mesh, the misbehaving sensor is apparently my only Z-Wave contact sensor. Heh. Heh heh. Oops.

The CT light is exonerated, clearly. :man_facepalming:

Is there a way to get the Z-Wave map as well?

Not with just a Hubitat.

Not sure why Hubitat have resisted adding this, SmartThings has it - or at least it lists the hops per device when you get the device details up. I saw the argument in another thread that "its not useful for new (or non technical?) users", but, well it doesn't exactly need to be thrown in their faces if they're not ready to look for it.

On the C-7 you can see hops when looking at the zwave logs. I don't think the old zwave stack in the C-3 though C-5 easily exposed that data, though. Or if it does, they haven't spent the time (which = $$$) to expose it to end users.

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I've not seen data looking like it represents hops, but maybe that's because at this stage both my z-wave devices (I've not moved the others across yet) are connecting direct to the hub.

Edit: No I take that back, I see what you mean now :slight_smile:

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