Lightify Bulbs groups not working

I have two sets of Bulb Groups, 6 color spot lights and 2 regular temperature bulbs. I've had them in groups from day one of groups. As of last night they've stopped working and further more I've tried to make a new group and it also doesn't work. My Hue groups all work as expected so the problem has to lay with the Groups and Scene app.

Well that was interesting. After messing around with the Groups and Scene app and staring uselessly at logs last night, I decided to take a closer look at the devices themselves. I could control them one at a time from the device page and rules, so I THOUGHT they were good. On a whim I hit one of the configure buttons, light flashed. That should only happen if they weren't configured which I had done long ago. Well for some reason eight Lightify bulbs in two groups decided they didn't want to stay configured. Clicked through all eight hitting configure on the way and both groups are back to working like they have been for the last year or so.

So today I learned that if your light bulb groups (zigbee) stop working but the lights themselves seem fine. Hit configure on the device page.

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