Light won't turn on with remote switch

I have a Zooz Zen 34 wall remote that is used to turn on and off a light. So I'm using it as a second switch in the room. For some reason it got to where it would turn the light off, but it won't turn it on. I had it set up in Button Controllers, and just for testing purposes, I deleted the Button 1 pressed function, and used Rule Machine instead, but it still won't turn the light on. When I look at the logs, it shows the button is being pressed. So it is sending a signal when the button is pressed, and Hubitat is receiving that signal, but it just won't actually do anything. But when button 2 is pressed, it turns the light off as it is supposed to.

In both Button Controller (when it was set up there) and in Rule Machine, when I hit the run actions button, the light turns on.

When I go to the device on the webpage, under Push, if I type in 2, and hit Push, it will turn the light off, but if I type 1, nothing happens.

I went to Button Controllers, and changed Button 2 to turn the light on instead of off, and when I pressed Button 2, the light turned on.

Also for testing purposes, I set it to turn a different light on, but it still doesn't work.

From what you have described, and I expect figured out yourself, the interaction between the physical button and HE seems fine, and you are seeing the same behaviour in your automations when using either the physical device and issuing commands from the Device Details page. So it, I think, narrows the focus to the automations you have setup.

I think it would be useful if you could provide screenshots of any automations you have setup at the moment with the device. To be thorough, I would suggest

  • Opening the Device Details page for the device (where you issued the command)
  • Scroll to the bottom and screenshot the In Use By entry, this should be any automations or other apps using the device
  • From here you can open each of these automation apps and take any screenshots you need.

If you want to, just focus on the automations you are concerned with for this post, but knowing the full list may be of some benefit.

In Rule Machine any Required Expressions will be of particular interest, plus any conditional actions you may have setup. Turning on logging for any of the automations and providing screenshots of the logs may also be useful, but if you want to start with the config screenshots, that's fine.

Another option would be to also look at the Events page for the light you are trying to control, or any logs for that device. But this is probably worth leaving for the moment.

Here's the screen shots. I have some functions for the buttons being double pressed, etc, and those work fine as well. But I can't find anything set differently between button 1 and 2.
Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Here's the in use by list.

Hmmm... That does seems like it should work.

If you go into the Actions for button 1 being pressed (screenshot 2) and turn on logging, what do you see when you have the logs page open while you press button one? Turn on both Triggers and Actions logging.

If that doesn't show anything, the only other things I could think of would be opening the button 1 hold app linked on the device page and taking a look at that, perhaps turning on the logging. I did notice that in the parent button controller held was empty in the main table, which is odd if you have an app linked to the device.

I don't have anything linked to button 1 held.

In the mean time, I tuned on the logging for both buttons 1 and 2, and after pressing them each, I get something different.

For Button 1

For Button 2

I already deleted the Rule in Rule Machine when that didn't work, so nothing to show there.

I was referring to the entry in the "In Use By" section of the Device Details page, there is a link which you can click on referring to "Nook Zooz: button 1 held (Button Rule-5.1)". It seemed odd to be there, like I said, you don't have anything in appearing in the Button Controller parent app table.
Ultimately that is likely to be a red-herring, but may be worth cleaning up, if nothing else.

I think the logs you posted are more informative. It still looks like it is not triggering the Button Controller Rule for some reason.

I would try two things (turning on logging in both cases):

  • Try removing and re-creating the button 1 press rule in the existing parent app
  • Try creating a completely new parent app in Button Controller for the Nook Zooz device and see if re-creating the rule in there behaves differently