Light switches

Hi all,

Thought I’d post this as we here find switches hard to find. I saw some Xiaomi Zigbee switches which didn’t require a neutral, as a lot here are switched live. So I ordered two as a tester. I’m glad to say they are performing well for me. They don’t dim, but I don’t need them to.

They fit our back boxes, although they do need 35mm boxes, but apart from that they’re working great.

A bonus is, if you have the double switch, I’m able to use both switches and keep one side smart, instead of being wired up.

Anyone else know of any smart switches besides Hue?

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I have found these, but haven't been able to test them do far. They are z-wave and they should be natively supported by hubitat according to compatible device list.

Do you have a link to the switches?

These are the ones I have.

Not cheap, but it's a top brand in NL, Belgium and Germany. Don't know if the form factor is compatible with UK though.

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Presumably these leak current through the load in order to power themselves?

Does that cause any issues with the load (such as LEDs) flickering?

I also read somewhere a while ago that the no-neutral versions don't repeat because they can't draw enough power through the load (without causing issues with the load) in order to do all of the ZigBee mesh logic.

I've got some of the with-neutral versions where I've got neutral available at the switch and these work well as repeaters.

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They will leak probably yes, but theres no flickering at all on my 4 x 6 watt wall lights. I was a little worried about that, and why I went for two switches to begin with. And yeah I also checked if they repeated which they dont (a shame).

But for UK swtch options, I like them. The WAF is good as they are instant on for those who like to push things :slight_smile: And for me, I can turn off by any method (when those who push prefer not to push again, damn them!!)

Using the double switch on a single gang, also allows me to use the other switch for the lamps, which arent wired to the switch, but does allow me to set rules up to use them. The fact that the double is a couple of quid more, I went for those and have ordered enough to replace all my Hue dimmers.


Hi @Royski
Did you get these from Aliexpress or somewhere else. Maybe ebay.
Might get one to see what they are like.

Aliexpress, arrived within a couple of weeks :+1:

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I wonder if enough if these would cause issues the the Rca?

I used to have LWRF switches which worked in a similar fashion. These didn’t cause any issues, so I’d be hoping not.

I'm currently running these and I'm not having any issues.
I would still like to keep dimmers.
What are other people using for light dimmers?


Just Hue dimmers here, although not for long. The main lights are mainly used for on/off. The lamps I do use for dimming but set values via buttons or dash etc. Damn you wiring :rage:

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Aurora Aone Rotary dimmers for 2-wire .... mainly in bedrooms.

Then SunRicher dimmer modules with momentary switches where I have neutral available.

Also noticed that SunRicher now do an on/off switch module with no-neutral too, not tried those yet but may get a few to look at.

I moved a lot of stuff to Hue recently, it's surprising how you can get away with a simple Hue bulb in situations where you don't actually need a local switch control .... cupboard lighting, outside lighting, accent lighting, shed lighting, lights in the loft, wardrobe lighting, etc, etc.

Most other lights are Z-Wave here though, Fibaro Dimmer 2, mainly for historical reasons as Fibaro was really the only option for 2-wire 7 or 8 years ago. Up until recently I still had an original Fibaro Dimmer with pre-release 1.2 firmware on it, was still going strong ....

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I'm using fibaro and qubino dimmers with momentary switch plates for main lights and hue dimmers for lamps.

The problem I have is my switch boxes are not deep enough to hold the dimmers and I don't particularly want to put them in the ceiling rose.

Had the same issue, i had to dig the wall boxes out and fit newer deeper ones for the downstairs. 1900's old stone house not a fun job.

for the upstairs i just put them all in a large ip box in the loft with new cabling from the switches to the box and then out to the lights.


I spotted they incorporate a battery...

How are you getting on with these? I want to avoid having to get loads of GU10 bulbs for my landing

My Xiaomi switches?

I’ve got one installed and it’s been absolutely fine, haven’t had any drops thank goodness. I’ll be installing my second hopefully tomorrow, and I think my 9 I ordered arrived whilst I was away, so I’ll be picking those up tomorrow too :+1: