Light Switch recommendations

A person walks into the room, turns on the lights, gets what they need and walks out...Forgetting to turn off the light.

This is what I'm trying to remedy. Originally I had planned on just getting a smart switch (currently looking at the GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus series) for each room and adding a motion sensor to the room. Then set rules so that once the detector no longer sensed motion it would turn out the lights after X amount of time. Well in my search for a switch I came across the idea of using a motion/light switch such as one of these GE 38198

Would this fulfill the want? Or would it be better to go to independent devices?

If anyone would like to point me in another direction besides the GE Enbrighten, please do. I'm gravitating towards them because of there price and review base.

I’m patiently waiting on the new GE switches to come to Canada. The 20% size reduction is a huge thing for me as it makes it easier to fit everything back in the box. I’ll probably redo my whole place with them. I’m going to replace my Wemo setup with a more normal looking paddle switch and go all zwave for my switches.

As for dedicated devices vs integrated. It’s all up to preferences when it comes to look and feel but if the integrated motion detector is also exposed to HE via the driver (I didn’t check this) that would be a bonus as you can then use it it more automations other than just the light as well such had HSM or even automating the thermostat.

I'm becoming a big fan of the Zooz switches, and Innovelli are releasing some new models as well. TheSmartestHouse is having a good sale on the Zooz switches right now, making them really inexpensive.

On top of that their tech support is phenomenal.


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I'll second @scottgu3's recommendation of the Zooz switches and TheSmartestHouse. I've got an upstairs hall that overlooks the entrance foyer. I replaced one of the switches in a 5-way setup with a ZEN27 dimmer. I have a ZSE40 4-in-1 sensor pointed down the stairs into the foyer. Now, when we go upstairs at night, the light automatically comes on and shuts off after 5 minutes of inactivity using the standard Motion Lighting app settings. I also specify that the light only comes on if the ZSE40 says it is "dark". I have a similar setup (without the lux check) in the garage but using an older model refurbished ZSE02. Whatever you decide @JohnTX12, good luck. I've been surprised how much I'm enjoying this setup.

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Any can comment on what is the difference between the ZEN27 and ZEN22? It appears the ZEN27 has 4 way capability, but the ZEN22 is Gen 3 instead of the ZEN27 being Gen 2?

Also, most of my standard LED bulbs I have running (that would be run off these switches) are dimmable. However, at $1 more per switch I'd rather future proof. Is there any issue using these to control non dimmable bulbs?

I have some of each. The Zooz site (Knowledge base - Zooz) has a lot of information on the device specifics including comparisons. I think the generations are of that particular switch and not that ZEN22 Gen 3 is better than ZEN27 Gen 2. You can also email TheSmartestHouse or GetZooz. I've found them to be super responsive.

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I'm not sure. @agnes.zooz is usually a good source of knowledge for these type of questions. My gut says it wouldn't be, but you might have to set the behavior of the switch to be a "switch" instead of a "dimmer". I've not tried it actually.

I have a mix of mostly Zen-26's and Zen-27s, with a Zen-21 thrown in there somewhere, as well as 2 of their Zwave power strips. They all work flawlessly, and seem 100x easier to join than the GE's that I have. I've not yet got any experience with the Innovelli's, but I've got a pair pre-ordered!


I am also recommending Zooz for awesome support and price. Also go for Lutron Caseta switches and pro hub. I am slowly replacing my Z-wave switches with Caseta and super happy.

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I have the original Zwave plus model (not the brand new shallower enbrighten comes) in every room, and wouldn't swap them for battery powered motion devices for anything. Love them.

I use them for all of my motion based lighting, and they work really well for that. And no batteries to change. Ever.

As mentioned, how well they work fully depends on where your lght switches are positioned. I've found that as long as they aren't completely covered, all positions in my house worked fine.

Right now the main differences between the ZEN22 and ZEN27 are in the hardware though TSH is still selling ZEN22 without scene control so if that's important to you go for ZEN27 or be prepared to manually update firmware for the dimmers.

Here are the primary hardware differences:

One other thing to pay close attention to is that the ZEN27 can only handle up to 100W of LED's max (with both sides of heatsink tabs on) so if you have groups of 6 LED's of more you'd like to control, go with the ZEN22.

Non-dimmable bulbs will flicker with the dimmers when turning on and turning off so we recommend using our dimmers with dimmable bulbs only.

I have the original Zwave plus model (not the brand new shallower enbrighten comes) in every room, and wouldn't swap them for battery powered motion devices for anything. Love them.

So you are able to use and control the dimmer inside the switches with HE?

One thing that impressed me on the new Zooz switches. You don’t have to do any wiring changes of the 2nd switch in a 3way setup.

That always seemed to confuse people.


Exactly...and no add-on switches either!


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Yep. Absolutely.

I'm not sure what you are asking here... You can dim it from HE, yes.

Or are you asking if you can set the dimmer level it will turn on to when the switch is off?

Yes but to be clear, if you're using the dimmers, the old switch only does on/off and can't adjust the dim level.

Personally , I think that is a shit user experience and would much rather replace the other switch to have full function.

But each to their own.

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Yeah, true enough. I find that in most places where a 2 or 3 way circuit is in use, a non-dimmer is used. However, in one or two places, it could be inconvenient. I'd have to look, but in the one place it would be truly inconvenient, I'm pretty sure I'm using a GE with add-on switch, so I have two point dim capability.

Good point though!

Can someone help explain the add-on switch from the GE line?

It is used when you need to do multiple switches in a 3way or 4way configuration - 2 or 3 switches that operate the same light. They have to be used with a full GE dimmer/switch and can not be used without one.

How to wire it up is in the manual. It is definitely harder than just replacing a switch, though, so if you are bad at Electrical wiring read it very carefully... If you don't know what line, load, neutral, traveller, and ground are you might want to have someone else do the install (or draw a detailed picture of your wiring and ask for help in the forum).

I have some of the earlier Zwave Plus motion sensors dimmers/switches. I find they work very well, but it will depend on where the switch is in relation to where the "action" is. If the switch is able to see everything in the room then they are perfect. If you can be out of sight of the switch, then you will either need additional motion sensors or use separate switches and motion sensors. I moved the wall switch in my kitchen to optimize the location for the motion dimmer. It now covers the whole room.