Light switch or hub issues?


Possibly hub related as well, I just only happen to have light switches connected to hub -

I have four switches,
3 x GE 14292
1 x ZOOZ Z-Wave Plus Toggle On Off Wall Switch ZEN23 (White) VER. 2.0.

They consistently fail to report their correct state in the hubitat admin panel (i.e. the current state "switch" variable). Through the panel I turn a light on, it goes on, reports as off in the panel. Clicking poll does nothing besides saying poll() was called (as in the status is not updated), with nothing more in the logs. (For that matter, configure and refresh also do nothing/add nothing to the logs aside from the fact they were clicked).

When commands are sent to turn a switch on/off, 99% of the time nothing appears in the logs (all logs are turned on), but the majority of the time the actual switch does the intended action. I've killed power to switches, rebooted hub, repaired z-wave, restored from a backup, updated to newest hub version, nothing changes.

They're all set up as Generic Zwave Devices (although I did also try that user-made GE Z-Wave Plus driver, with no better results.

Are there more detailed hidden logs that could point out some sort of failure? Any possibility there may be an issue with the hub itself?


If you hit refresh from the device page does it update to the correct status?


Z-Wave poller might help you. It's different than just clicking the poll button in the driver. It's specifically for cases like yours where it's not a Z-Wave plus switch, and its activity doesn't show up in the log.


The GE 14292 is a Zwave Plus switch. I have the paddle model of that switch, a GE 14291 and it reports on the hub interface almost instantly with a manual toggle. The Zwave poller app shouldn't be necessary.
Is this a distance/stuff in the way issue? Look at the layout of your devices and what might be between the devices and the hub. Zwave radio signals are reduced by anything they go through on their way to and from the hub.


Ah, thanks for that. Well then the Z-Wave poller shouldn’t be used.

Might be a range issue, which affects any radio signal, not just Z-Wave. Might need to run a Z-Wave repair to fix problems with the mesh.


Thanks for the responses! Yes, while they are z-wave plus switches, I gave the poller a go anyway just as another datapoint, no change.

The thing is, these commands are getting through to the zwave devices. Wouldn't they not function at all if distance/interference was an issue? I click "on" in the device editor, they do turn on. They just don't report the fact they're on/off. Refresh/poll doesn't update the state to the correct one. Repaired the network several times.

One of the switches is within 10 feet roughly-line-of-sight of the hub itself, and no device is more than 20 feet from another. None of these switches accurately reports back state. The fact it spans multiple models/manufacturers in multiple locations makes me think it might be something hub-related.


I have a bunch of these ZEN23 switches and I am using the Generic Z-wave Switch as a type. They report on/off immediately. Don't forget to do the initialize and refresh once. Preferences are set to When Off, Normal, 750ms not that those really would matter but just for reference.


These were excluded and factory reset before joining them to HE?


There's a driver specifically for the ZWave Plus Dimmers and Switches... Generic ZWave Smart Switch and Generic ZWave Smart Dimmer.

Those drivers specifically expect the devices to correctly report status. In fact, the whole poll section has been removed from those drivers.

If you look at the Device Info page, near the bottom, there's a line for inClusters:
inClusters: 0x5E,0x86,0x5A,0x72

0x5E <-- is the device itself telling the controller that it's ZWave Plus.


Changing driver to Generic Smart Switch has no impact - devices still properly turn on and off, but the current state isn't correctly reported. Pushing refresh does not update the state.


For me, when devices don't show the correct status, sending a refresh typically snaps them to the correct state instantly. I have a RM set up to periodically refresh these problematic z-wave plus devices. It shouldn't be necessary, but it is for whatever reason. These devices apparently are able to hear the command coming from the hub, but the status update that gets sent back is either not making it, or gets dropped at some layer of the stack.


Have you opened a support ticket in parallel to these conversations? It's an unusual situation that you summed up:

That's a clue of some sort. Status is sent to the address set in the Lifeline Association. That value is set during (ZWave network) Join. As if they are Joined to a different Controller.

Have you excluded one and then Included it (Join) again?


My shed is probably 3 hops from my hub ( I miss the ability to map neighbors that I had in HomeAssistant) and a manual ON/OFF registered almost immediately in the web interface. I am Zwave Plus in all the hops between device and hub, but I wonder if you might have some odd non Plus device that isn't playing fair in repeating Zwave packets????

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