Light switch delay

I’m not sure this is in the right section but I wanted to let someone know I’m having about a 4 second delay when turning off an in wall light switch at the switch. I came over from Wink when they went down this summer. I had the same switches set up with that hub previously (since taken offline) and with wink there was a delay in turning the switch on and a shorter delay in turning off. Probably about 2 seconds either way. But now, with hubitat, it’s about a half second on (almost instant) and about 4 seconds off. I’m running 9 (if I counted correctly) in wall Eva Logik z wave switches. This delay happens for any of the switches. Not sure if it’s a programming thing or what but I thought someone should know this is happening. It’s kind of annoying.

Check for ghost nodes

How much free memory does your system have?

I seem to have no ghosts ... and all the memory page displays is a number in the top left corner. 505832. you notice a delay when physically pressing the switch? Are they dimmers? Is the "delay" from the lights dimming to on/off?

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No ghost nodes is good and memory looks fine. I usually reboot when my memory drops below 300k.

What app are you using to control these? Are you using the EVA LOGIK In-Wall Switch driver?

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Are your switches included with S0 or S2 encryption by any chance? If you could share the Z-Wave Details table, it would probably be easier to spot any problems. 4 seconds is pretty much unheard of, unless you have major Z-Wave network issues.


This says that it's the ramp rate setting on the device causing the perceived delay.


To me, that indicates a switch hardware issue. It could be a setting, or just the way these were designed. The hub isn't involved with anything when you physically push the switch.

Which exact model name/number are these?

Which driver (Device Type) are these using?

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Are these switches or dimmers?

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