Light rule and overide?


I have a RM rule for a light on with motion. Dim level also is set according to mode.

I walk into the room and the light turns on at x level as it should, Now if I use the dimmer to change this level, RM forces it back to it's rule level, It won't allow me overide the level.

How can I have it allow me to set a manual level if need be?


Can you post a screenshot of your rule (or Triggered Rule if my suspicions are correct)?


Use Motion Lighting, it has override.


Ryan780 here is a screenshot of my light rule.


Yup...see, whenever the rule changes to True, it is going to set the dimmer per mode again. What I have done is setup two separate "rules". One rule to turn the lights off and one triggered rule to turn them on. One of the conditions to turn the lights on is that the lights are currently off. Otherwise, the triggered rule doesn't fire to adjust the lights. here's an example.
For motion on:

and for motion off:


That is a good approach to doing it Ryan780. And with bravenel's comment as well I will experiment both ideas with 1 of my lights and see how it shakes out.

Thank You


I tried motion lighting at first but quickly found that some of the use-cases I'd developed on ST were too complicated for Motion Lighting. For example, in my bedroom, I have motion ending turning off the lights only if the dimmer is about 90%. If I'm laying in bed watching tv, I don't have the lights on full blast. But if I was in there making the bed, i would. It's an easy way to disable the motion control without having to do anything extra. Conversely in the bathroom, if the dimmer is over 95% (which with my LED bulbs is indistinguishable from 90% anyway) then motion will not turn off the lights. So, if i want to disable motion control, I just hold the dimmer till they're all the way up.

For the kitchen, i have motion turning the lights off in 5 minutes if just the overhead is on but if the dining area light is on, it turns it off in 30 minutes. This way, it doesn't turn off the lights while sitting at the dinner table.

Motion lighting will give you something you can start with but as you start to develop new ideas, you will probably have to migrate to Rule Machine to get those to work. But Motion Lighting has come a long way recently so it's definitely a great place to start.