Light keeps turning back on again

So I made this very simple rule. Basically when I walk into the bathroom and press the Off button once, it should turn off. But if the light is already off, it should turn it on to 20%. (this is so I can easily use the light without blinding myself in the middle of the night)

The following rule keeps dimming the light down, then immediately setting it back to 20%. I don't get it.

Have you looked at the logs when trying to troubleshoot?

Yes the logs say it's doing what it's doing lol

This is the hub logs related to that time:

Those aren’t the live logs. Turn on logging in the rule settings and then look in the “live logs”

The main log events list. He's suggesting it's another app or device that is doing it. You might need to turn some logging on for other devices (like that button) and apps.

Your 2nd screenshot is from the live logs, but it's showing only device logs, what about the rule log?

I guess you mean this?

This is an Inovelli LZW30.

It is maybe triggering the default firmware action for pressing down (turn off light) and THEN triggering the rule? If so, how do I stop it?

Nope. This is how you get to live (and past) logs:

As I mentioned above, you'll have to configure the rule to write to the logs in order to see anything there.

So this is what I get:

And the device is only used in this rule and 2 others for double-taps which i disabled:

So based on that log, It thinks the light is off. So it MUST be that the Inovelli is first doing it's own function locally (turning off the light) and then the rule is triggered, which now sees the light as off.

Is it possible to disable the default function of local button press?

This is likely the cause. The dimmer is turning off the light and by the time the rule runs it is already reporting that it is off.

If you turn off local control for the switch then you will also have to add a rule for turning on the light.

Well that SUCKS! cause if i turn off local control, now I cannot dim up/down manually either.....i couldn't even create a rule to do so cause there is no true "held" functionality.

Here's another REALLY! weird thing. If i turn off local control....

  • my simple-lighting rule for double-tap down sets it to 20% brightness
  • my single tap rule, which also sets it to 20-% brightness....somehow makes it BRIGHTER!

Here's a log. How on earth is this happening?

Rule executes...sets dimmer to 20.
Same rule executes which is SUPPOSED to turn off the switch if it's on...but instead the power reporting goes up to 30?!?!?! (and i see the light get brighter)

Hmm, I don't use local dimming like that. I'll ponder it but I'm sure somebody here might be able to offer a suggestion.

My light levels are all tied to modes. Most all of my lights are driven by motion events. Only a few have local override capabilities.

Is this an LZW30 or an LZW30-SN? If the latter, it will send "scene" (button) events for all taps plus holds and releases (they're just named and numbered super-awkwardly if you use Inovelli's driver). If the former, disabling the relay will severely limit your options outside of Z-Wave Association.