Light Fade Transition

Can Hubitat and the right config do this?
I have 8 recessed ceiling lights in my Theater room. I want to be able to trigger a fade transition that ends in the activation of a saved scene. Lets say the fade travels through the lights from one end of the room to the other.

What type of transition time are we talking? A few seconds? A minute?

I'm assuming the canned lights are in a 4X2 configuration and you want to fade them in sets of 2.
Also I'm assuming that all of the lights you're controlling respect the fade time sent via a dim command. I'm also assuming a final level of 5% and a total transition time of 20 seconds.You could try a RM rule like this:

Lights 1 & 2 Fade to 5% transition 20seconds
Lights 3 & 4 Fade to 5% transition 15 seconds with a delay of 5 seconds
Lights 5&6 Fade to 5% transition time 10 seconds with a delay of 10 seconds
Lights 7 & 8 Fade to 5% transition of 5 seconds with a delay of 15 seonds
Activate Scene X with a delay of 20 seconds.

That MIGHT get you close. It all depends on the type of devices that you are controlling. If they don't respect transition time commands, then you're sunk.

I now realize my orignal post did not include my light type, sorry for that.
I have all GE link Lights so far. Im now wondering if the fade capability exists for the ge link light.

To your previous response I will disable NST tonight reboot and test that way tomorrow.

Thanks for those replies.