Light doesn't turn off

So randomly lights in my house don't turn off after motion is active. I even added backup but nothing, today it happened again, i came back home 5 hours later just to find out a light was still one.
Here is a screenshot for my motion lighting app

here is a screenshot on my bakcup rule machine that should try turning it off 3 seconds later AGAIN

Screenshot from motion events, sensor reported correctly inactive.

And as you can see the light has not turned off ( last event is me turning it off hours later when i got home)

What's the matter, i can control those lights manually without any lag, is frustrating that i can't work reliable especially for my wife

The Rule machine version looks wrong to me. The trigger event should be 'M Motion Active' not inactive. The wait event should be 'inactive' not active. IE Turn on the light when motion is active, turn it off when there has been no motion (inactive) for ? amount of time.

Edit: I've re read your rule and can see you just want the 'off' automating. I would try it as follows:
Trigger - 'M Motion inactive and stays that way for 3 minutes'.
Action - Off:Downstairs Restroom Light (command only lights that are on)

The above would be simpler as it the rule wouldn't trigger until the sensor is inactive for the time that you want, rather than triggering with every 'inactive' event

i will try it your way too but still doesn't it explain why both motion lighting and my rule didn't turn off the light. My motion lighting is set only for certain modes, I tried relying only on that rule machine and it worked too, today the hub was in the mode that it supposed to trigger both motion lighting and my backup rule yet somehow both failed without any answer to turn off the light.

Enable logging for the Motion Lighting instance and all logging for this Rule, and you'll get a better idea of what's going on. (The rule is a bit odd in that most people are used to seeing rules triggered on motion active, but this one looks OK for what your goal is.) This may help.

In addition to this, you may also want to go to the device detail page and look at the Events button (at the top). This will show not just a history of events that the device/driver generated but also (new in 2.3.3) a history of commands that were sent to the device (something people often used to think it did...), so that's another tool you can use to see if your apps are working fine (though their logs are better for that) and maybe the device just didn't respond at that time for whatever reason.

Yeah I tend to only use Rule Machine. You can add the modes to 'Required Expression' so that it only triggers in those modes.

I don't know your setup or where the lights are being turned on from, but I can maybe think of a scenario where the rule wouldn't work..

If you manually switch the light on and then don't trigger the motion detector after that switch on. The rule is waiting for an event of 'inactive' to be reported. The detector is already inactive and so the rule will not trigger.

As @bertabcd1234 says, turning on logging for the rule(s) should detail exactly what is (or is not) happening.

the rule may seem odd but is only as a backup because motion lighting fails to turn it off as it should sometimes.,
i will turn all logs everytime a light doesnt turn off and try to see what is happening, When it comes for the light to turn on motion, it happened extremely rare not to, seems that only turning off doesn't like it.

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