Light doesn't turn off after 1 min - using motion and mode lighting apps

I'm using the 'motion and mode lighting apps' to create a simple rule to turn a virtual switch on when motion is detected and then turn off after a delay of 1 min. It's turning on correctly but not switching off after a min. Any idea what's wrong? Here's my setup:

Try adding a couple of lights in just to test whether it only turns them off....

Is that rule trying to turn the switch off one minute after it turns on? Or is it turning the switch off one minute after the motion stops? I'm reading this as you are looking for the first condition but seeing the second condition.

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Ah I see the issue. The counter for the 1 min delay to turn the switch off starts once the motion sensor has turned to inactive. In my testing I assumed it started at the same time the motion sensor was triggered.

Issue resolved now - thanks for the help.

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