Light blinking - It's a lesson learned

I wanted to post this out there for others to see because I initially thought that there was something up with sunrise and sunset. Turned out that I found an error that would be easily missed. Since we've been home every day for the holiday, I've noticed some odd behavior that I, otherwise, would not see. My kitchen cabinet light is blinking right before sunrise +59. I wasn't exactly sure why it was doing this. Since we were still in night mode, only one cabinet light was on. The other was off. I'm not sure if it's doing this with both. Sunrise was 7:37 this morning. This behavior didn't make any sense to me. Also the second shot is the cabinets setting a random level. It's either 15% or 100% ever. I'll post a shot of my rule as well.

Here is a shot of the logs around that time.

Here is a shot where the light just chose random settings
Here is a shot of the original rule

That's when I figured it out. I was still in night mode. So, the light was reacting to activity but sunrise wanted it off. Since my on and off rules are really pushy and don't restrict to a mode, it caused it to blink. After I undocked my phone. The blinking stopped. Duh April. I changed my rule to account for whether the light was still on or not. I hope this fixed it. If anyone sees any potential issue with adding that the light is still on, please let me know. The on off rule is separate and I can post that if necessary.

The reason I'm sharing this is because I wanted others to see that it's easy to miss something in a rule you've created. It's important that you post it out here, but in a neutral type of wording. I was almost convinced it was something in Rule Machine. What we think and what is are sometimes two very different things. I'm glad I saw the issue before I posted it out there suggesting that it might be something within Rule Machine.