LifX - Won't respond

I had a Lifx bulb working in the past, but decided not to use it. Now I would like to use it, but I can's seem to get it to work.

The bulb is working fine in the LifX app. I've added the virtual device code. I've added the virtual device and selected the LifX device code. I've copied the API, I've changed the name to be exactly what it is in the app, yet it won't respond.

Please advise, I'm attaching all screen shots. If you can see something wrong it would really help.


One image did not upload. It's from the LifX app.

Looks good. I cant see the full name of the lifx bulb in the lifx app pic but I'll assume it's Front Porch Light. What do u see in the logs when you try to turn it on.

Thank you for Stephan. Yes, the full name is Front Porch Light.

I've attached the log. Seems that the device is not found.

I've never used this for a single bulb. Let me give it a shot and test.

So it looks like you will have to create a lifx group in the app and use the group name in the HE driver. I had the same errors using the bulb name.

OK. I put the group name in there and it started working. I had it in there earlier and it wasn't, so I'm not sure what it is.

But it's working now. Thanks for your help!

One question though. Can you point me to some documentation on how to set colors in the set_color field?

Thanks again!

It uses a HSL map.
[hue: 100, saturation:100, level: 50]
Should give you red.

Thanks again!

If I decide to add more LIFX bulbs, will I have separate control for each bulb if we are naming by groups?

This app was really designed to group lifx bulbs together for easy control. It looks like you will need to create a group for each bulb if you need to control them individually with this app.

Hopefully there will be native support for lifx in HE but I wouldn't hold my breathe. It's probably way down on the priority list....especially since HE defaults to local control and the Lifx local api is a real PITA.

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