LIFX Integration partly broken after .158 update

After updating to .158 today, 3 of my 7 Lifx bulbs have gone MIA from the integration app, but the devices are still installed, however they are non responsive. The bulbs still work from the Lifx app and were working normally earlier today, before the update.


They don’t appear in the add device list either.

Looking at the logs, I see unhandled errors:

Any ideas on how to fix this?

@support-agent @bobbyD

All my lifx bulbs still online. Do you have them on reservations?

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Mine all have reserved IP’s and are on the same IoT subnet as my hubs.

TBH, I’ve had about enough of Lifx, their whole ecosystem is total garbage (not Hubitat’s fault).

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Maybe @bcopeland can chime in

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To add a datapoint, I just tried mine on .158 and they work. No IP reservations here for them.

Mine also work just fine....

That’s bizarre..

I’m fed up with Lifx, I’ve just ordered some cheap Tapo bulbs while I’m waiting for nanoleaf matter e27’s to be restocked on Amazon AU.

"Rumpus Room"

"That's a name I have not heard in a long time."

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Yeah, it’s one of those terms mainly used in South Australia (which is were I’m originally from), the rest of Australia would be more likely to call it a games room.

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Update: The two main lamps that vanished from the integration app are working again, but are very slow to respond (like 5 seconds after a command is sent). However they are still missing from the list. :man_shrugging:

That’s odd… and would be super annoying!

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Yep. I’ve had nothing but trouble with Lifx bulbs, if it weren’t for the colour quality, I’d have thrown them in the bin ages ago!

Now that is bizarre, a day later, they have all reappeared and are working normally. I’m definitely going to replace them tho, the company doesn’t give a toss about its customers and they charge a premium with no justification!

Please move this thread to the topic "It was working just fine and then it stopped working for no apparent reason but when I checked the next day it was working again."


But those LIFX bulbs were such a joy for Day Lights testing! :smiley:

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I know right! They work completely differently to every other colour bulb out there! :man_facepalming:t3:

They’ve been a PITA from day one, I’m totally going to have my office space moment with a couple of them to get some revenge! :joy:

office space GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


I did that to a portable gas grill several years ago. I felt so much better when the thing was as flat as a pancake

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