Lifx Group of Groups Driver (ST port)

Not at the moment AFAIK.

Add it to the “we’ll get around to it someday maybe” list? :wink:

Get the latest from my github. I think I got everything. Let me know if you run into any issues.

Yup, that works - although I can’t set the colour from Alexa (or from the device page)

You would need a skill to set color from alexa. I don’t control my Lifx bulb through habitat. I use the direct Lifx skill on my echo for voice control.

At least at the time that I initially wrote this driver, setColor was not yet supported but on the hubitat to do list for any driver using the method… When I get feedback that it is live I will attempt to add that functionality.

Actually looking back at the old post by @mike.maxwell it may be added on 707.
@mike.maxwell can you confirm that setcolor is live.

Ah, okay. I just assumed that it was supposed to work. Not a problem in any way

yes, live

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Great, thanks.
@rob, I’ll work on it this week. Don’t set your expectations too high :wink: because this was my first stab at setting up a color device and it’s a little more complicated than I expected. I haven’t found a set guideline in ST or hubitat yet, so basically I’ll be testing against my Hue devices and trying to mimic on this Lifx driver.

setColor should now work according to Hubitat standards. See update notes for details.

Great, I’ll give it a go tomorrow.

Nope, still not working for me

 [dev:35]( 01:10:20.319:errorNo such property: hue for class: groovy.json.internal.CharSequenceValue on line 304
 [dev:35]( 01:10:20.283:debugLIFX-GoG -- null -- Begin setting groups color to red.

What are u using to set the color?
It supports
Where map is [hue:, saturation:, level:]

Ah, okay, that wasn’t clear, I assumed it was just a name. What are the ranges of those values?

Had to change them to match hubitat’s methodology with the hue integration

There might be options missing…just let me know what commands don’t work and what app you are sending the command from

The map settings didn’t copy correctly in my last post. See quote above.

Aha, that worked! At least from the device page - no idea what I’d need to do for Alexa

Alexa won’t control color on hubitat devices…only on/off and brightness. For color you would need to use the lifx skill.

Fair enough

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