Liftmaster MyQ (Garadget + Tuya Smart Life ZigBee Garage Door Opener)

I’ve obtained a Garadget Security +2.0 dry contact adapter button for Liftmaster MyQ

I also bought a Tuya Smart Life ZigBee Garage Door Opener, Dry Contact Controller Remote Control that supports Zigbee2MQTT Gateway

Has anyone used this method to allow Hubitat to operate their Liftmaster MyQ garage opener? (There are written instructions, but I am a visual learner and cannot seem to understand the proper wiring schematic described in the instructions needed to make this work.)

Any help would be appreciated.

from the garadget button, the clear wires would connect to your relay (S3 and S4 on the tuya in your picture), and the red+white wires connect into your motor (can be put in with the existing wires). when you activate your relay, it's the same as pressing the button on the button, it then does its security thing and sends it out the cables to the motor to trigger it.


Wow, they're really charging $15 to solder a pair of wires to the button contacts of an existing Security+ button?

Are you talking about the Garadget device? If so, most average-joes don't have a soldering kit or any soldering skills, so yeah - I'd say it's a pretty darn reasonable offering for that particular solution need.

My pops was an electrical engineer so maybe I have a skewed view on what's normal and what isn't :wink:

This can be paired directly to Hubitat :