Life360 Location issue

Sorry for a long question.

I have a rule to update presence using Liefe360 that does a refresh for all family members when one enters or leaves the house. I am sure it can be done more elegantly, but it seems to do the trick. With one exception.

The road leading up to my house first passes my house within the shortest possible radious setting for home in the Life360 app, i.e. within 77 meters. The road then continues for a bit, exiting the home area, before it makes a turn and goes back towards the house again, re-entering the designated home area.

As soon as the family member traveling in the car enters the area the presence status is updated. A few seconds later when the car passes out of the area, the exit is registered. But when we then re-enter again a few more seconds later, the presence is not updated and remains not present.

I am guessing there is some sort of buffer period when the status is not updated and that we reenter the 'home' area within this period?

Any thoughts on how to resolve this issue? Other possible explanations than my guess?

EDIT: I just noticed that there is an error as well when the situation I described above occures. And it appears my presence is updated correctly, but not the other passengers.

IMHO - what happens if you increase the bubble to include the little zoop-de-doop? If you're triggering a rule, put a delay on it so that you are actually present when the rule fires. Also, you could use a combined presence monitor. This would use more than one variable to determine presence, so you wouldn't get that state change until you were able to connect with, maybe wifi. There are integrations for wifi to use as presence, but be careful of it as your phone will turn wifi off when not in use. So don't use wifi as your only trigger for presence.

I suggest checking these out

Also if you combine more than one, then your accuracy will increase. Both apps have clear descriptions and will be easy to follow. If you have questions about them, post in that original post so that the developer will be notified that you posted.

There are others out there, but this is what I used. I no longer use combined presence, I just use life360 but I have other triggers when arriving and departing that have to happen before stuff goes into action in my environment. The hubitat app can also report presence. Presence has always been a catch in your side. Great question, though. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your reply and initiated suggestions. Lots of food for thought. Look forward to digest this.

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