Life 360 Resources

I noticed that my Life360 Location device is using in many case, approximately 4 times more resources than the next device on the list. Below is the device stats log

While I don't think this device is creating problems or slowdowns, I would like to get some feedback from members here.

Is this normal for such device? If not, is there anything I can do?

Normal. And nothing you can do.

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Yeah, I'd focus on the "% of total" column. Anything less than 1% is completely ignorable, in my opinion.

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Hubitat's life 360, or bptworld's LIfe360 with states?

I have no issues with the internal one, I had to uninstall Life360 with states due to insanely high usage (each user was 15% of the hub usage). Got so bad that saving drivers took minutes, the hub was lethargic. :frowning:

Haven't tried re-installing to see if something went wrong on the initial install though.