Life 360 not finding location

Hi All,
I'm new to hubitat and trying life 360 out. I've install the app and register on android, but when I try to link it from hub, it is having problem getting the registered locations. Sign in OK and able to select family, just not location.
Is there any other extra steps that Iight have missed? Or is it currently broken?

When I go to the log, for some reason it's having problem acquiring token.


Did you setup a place in the Life 360 app? When your home you can click on the bubble representing you and you can create a place then in Hubitat you'd use that place as the location. Also the range to determine if you are home is done in the Life 360 app on that places setup screen.


yes I did, I set Home and Work places.

then when I click on Select your place in Hub, nothing comes up on the drop down menu.
and when I go to the log, this is what I'm seeing.

I sorted this out. Even though it looked like I have created places on Andoid App, it didn't create it when I check it logging in thru browser. As soon as I created it on webui, the places appeared.

Hopefully, this can be a helpful info for someone else that might be having same issue.