Lidl Smart Home LED light bulb HG06492C-version-06-2020

Like so many others in the UK I bought some of these bulbs and sure enough ZigBee RGBW Driver. Once I allowed Alexa access to the device then from within Alexa on the iPhone I can alter the Colour ( actually brightness) from Warm White down to Cool White.

Using the panel below I can turn the bulb on or off, using Alexa I can also control the on off function.

Selecting any colour makes no difference to the lamp.
Within Hubitat on the latest build This is what I see when I try to setup any changes, between each stage I dutifully press the button to save the entry.

When I "Save Device" all settings are removed and the red lines appear once more as shown below.

With regard to the function of the Dashboard, I anticipated being able to toggle the light on or off but that's not possible, the image below shows the "Button"


Activating the button only opens up the panel shown below where of course I can alter the brightness and turn of or off but again no colours

Within the dashboard panel configurations I set it like this

Any thoughts appreciated
TIA Paul

Don’t know this bulb. It’s not listed as compatible. My guess is the bulb color is CIE-XYZ colorspace, and in that case you will not be able to control the color on HE.

[Edit] I just looked it up. This is a color temp bulb. Not a color RGB bulb. Try Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev) driver. If that doesn’t work right, try Advanced Zigbee CT Bulb driver.

When changing drivers, be sure to press the Configure button to send the driver parameters to the device.

Thank you, I tried just about every driver, no colour from any of them so I will take this up with Lidl.

Just to be clear, this bulb can only produce variations between warm white and cool white. It cannot produce colours like red, green, etc.

Thank you, it appears they are working as designed :wink:
Now to go and buy some that offer colour and work in the UK

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That worked for me (E14 bulb model HG06492B)

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