License Argument

I notice that it's not open source :slight_smile:

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Nope... just like you got tired of getting my code ripped off without asking...we all work hard on our stuff and when we have idiots that just ruin the fun this is the end results.

It's a shame some of us developers have to go this route.....

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Actually I can. Cobra was the original developer and he switched to a private license thus when I asked him if I could pull out the weewx only code that gave me the right to protect it. Cobra gave his blessing.....

What's bad form is people stealing our code when it's licensed as Apache 2.0 and removing our credits and name. Mine and @Cobra code have had this happen many times here. We have the right to protect our code.

What you think is bad form is wrong.

So all the other apps @Cobra has created and uses the same licensing you won't use ?

You really don't get it.... me and @Cobra have no issue with people adding to the code such as a fix.... what we have issue with is specific people in this community who have repeatedly stolen our code and releasing it as if they wrote it.

I suggest a read on what caused this to happen in the first place....

BTW no one is forcing you to do anything here. You can use the code or not use it. Doesn't hurt my feelings at all. Write your own code if you feel so offended by it and stop bitching.

Anyone is able to use my code on their systems, or not.
It is their choice.

Nothing in my license agreement prevents use

Perhaps you should tell the people who are using my various app that they can no longer use them?
Recent figures show well over 2000 copies of my various apps in regular use this week.

EDIT: one question I would ask.
How much code have you ‘contributed to the community’ in the 2 weeks you have been a member?


Dude stop....

Okay. I've said my piece. I'll work from the Apache License version.

As people seem to be questioning my motives recently, I have decided to remove it all.
I may return it behind a ‘members only’ website, that way I get to decide who I give my code to.
Or I may not.. I haven’t decided yet.

Don't let this guy ruin it for it everyone...

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Look, I've been the one that flagged the last couple posts. The posts are inappropriate and serving no purpose at this point.

Feel free to take it to private messaging if you think it needs to continue.


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