Lg matter

I just picked up a new LG c3 Evo TV. The TV says it has matter support. As I read through the documentation of how to add a device to Alexa, it talks about a QR code. I cannot find any way to generate a QR code on the LG TV. What am I doing wrong?

According to this it looks like your TV is a matter hub, not a matter device.
Possibly so people could pair lights to the TV and then have automations based on the TV state?

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Thanks so you are saying I can't control the LG TV via matter?

Correct, it is a Matter controller (like your hub) that allows you to pair devices to it; it is not a Matter device itself that can be controlled.

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There is a LG Webos TV integration you could potentially use for control in Hubitat Package Manager. As well as ThinQ

AFAICT this isn’t being actively updated anymore, and has started to act a bit screwy since LG seemingly made some changes on their end.

Ahh... Too bad. Maybe someone with LG products will take up the mantle....

As an aside, I hope that they update the chromcast integration with power on/off at some point.

LG OLED televisions (for the past few generations) can be added to Apple Home via HomeKit. This may allow some amount of control using either a genuine Apple Home environment or possibly via Home Assistant’s HomeKit Device integration.

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Can confirm. I have my LG C1 connected to HomeKit. The integration is... 98% reliable. I still have to manually turn the tv on every once in a while. Would love a direct Hubitat integration, but unfortunately don't have the time to attempt it myself. Hopeful someone else will! :slight_smile:


I just wish there was Volme control through HomeKit. WE seem to never be able to find either the LG or Apple TV remote, and the LG app itself (at least for me) is screwy in that It wont connect about 50% of the time.


100%. Short of spending a lot of money on an AVR and then electricians doing the hidden wiring, I do not have a good volume solution.

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You could use an IR blaster like Harmony Home Hub with the HE integration and two virtual switches integrated to HomeKit for up/down volume control. That’s what I do for my LG TV.