LG CX OLED TV, Chromecast, and CEC

I was recently disciplined by the moderators for responding to a 3-month old thread, so I will not make the same error again....

I have an LG CX OLED TV. It has a Roku, which is the default video device, it also has a FireStick plugged in for the slightly better web-browser it offers, and it will soon also have a Chromecast plugged in, as this seems the only way to get a zoom session screen-shared from a Pixel phone to the big screen of the TV, as Google refuses to support Miracast on their stock ROMs.

I saw, installed and configured the Hubitat LG TV driver, and I see various integrations between Google Home and Hubitat mentioned. But can the below happen?

a) Doorbell is rung - this triggers a SAGE doorbell sensor, so Hubitat can respond to this event.

b) There is a Wyze cam that has a view of the porch.

c) Wyze cam is "integrated" with Google home.

d) There are several different Chromecast drivers, but I do not see any functionality that would allow the Chromecast to "play" the video stream from the camera when the doorbell is rung on the TV.

e) While is is said to be supported, when using remote controls, I don't see any specific ability to play a video stream to the Chromecast, and via CEC, turn on the TV and switch to the correct HDMI port if the TV is off when the doorbell is rung.

Maybe this is all too aggressive, and the simpler answer is to put the video stream on the phone, and leave the TV be.

But sooo many toys, and so much incompatibility.... maybe I am missing some obscure feature that makes this sort of thing easier to implement.

The Wyze cam may not provide a format you can send to a TV. There is RTSP firmware you can burn to the cam - maybe Chomecast likes RTSP? You do lose some functionality with the cam and the phone app with RTSP. Last I looked the lag was still large enough to be unusable for some purposes.

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No one “disciplined” you, the thread had been dead for over a year, and only staff have the ability to do stuff generally associated with being a moderator (e.g. close threads, remove flagged posts, etc.).

But anyway.

Which driver are you referring to? I’m not aware of any built-in drivers for LG TVs.


It's not a built in app. There is a community created LG discovery app available for local control of LG TVs both with and without WEBOS beyond 2012

There is more than one, I believe. Hence my question :slight_smile:.

I am using this one:

Well, one can do this via "Alexa" as Alexa has a "Wyze Skill" and can show the Wyze camera images from a stock Wyze cam on (I think) a Firestick plugged into a TV or a TV that is Alexa-enabled.

OK, then... I'll be more blunt - it was slightly rude and presumptuous. But I do not make the rules here, I just laugh at the silly ones, and try to get along.

Well then I apologize for hurting your feelings, as that wasn’t my intention. You feel differently about necroposting than some of us do (and possibly the entire concept of community guidelines for posting in a public forum, it wasn’t clear). Agree to disagree and move on?

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"necroposting"... I had no idea it was a an actual diagnosed mental disorder! I am so sorry to have offended!

Troll on then. Good luck with the LG TV. Once you go OLED you never go back. I’ll bet we agree on that much at least.

So I can't even apologize... Sigh .

I dunno about OLED... yes, it is very pretty, but actual 4K content is rare.

I am hoping that baseball and football will go to 4K, I am not so sure I like things like Brian Williams' face in quite so much "high definition". Its like seeing the Rolling Stones film in iMax... some things are better NOT delivered in high def. :wink:

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Oh is there really? I'll have to try the others out and compare

There are a few threads floating around with links to more than one dev’s version of a WebOS discovery app, but I’m not sure they’re all actively maintained.

Can’t argue with that. I once heard someone make a similar point about adult film stars. The huge increase in resolution of some parts of the human body does not always work out in their favor…

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I get a 404 error when clicking on that link but it’s probably this one?

I’ve used that one as well. I think @syepes wrote one too and it’s available in the Hubitat package manager.

Is that adults who are film stars (e.g. Glenn Close) or is that "adult film" stars (e.g. "Stormy Daniels")?

...'cause the one would be far, far less traumatic than the other! :wink:

The discussion was definitely about adult-film stars, not adult film-stars. But I digress :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

Something similar can work well for android tablets running a Hubitat dashboard with a tile that shows a standard IP camera mjpeg feed.

An event in Hubitat can send a command to fully kiosk browser running on the tablet so that the screen turns on, dashboard page loads and camera feed shows.

I wonder if any of the LG TV integrations can send a command to load the TV’s web browser. The wyze cam is another hurdle I guess, since it probably can’t be easily streamed through a dashboard tile. So that wouldn’t get you all the way there.

It never found my 2021 C1 set.

95% of 4K content is online.