Levoit Air Purifiers Drivers

I am having the same issue. Would you be able to post the changes you made to the core200s driver ? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance =D

I am getting this error message in the logs
No such property: msg for class: groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseDecorator
from line 186 of the vysync integration because my unit got unplugged. Could this be turned into an attribute of say onlinestatus: offline if no response is returned and online otherwise? It would be helpful in triggering an automation for me to look into the matter and go plug the darn thing back in.

Nevermind. The error message is not because it is not plugged in. Not sure what is causing it yet.

The attribute thing would still be nice if the parent device cannot communicate with the child device.

Can you post the updates to the 201S code? I have that model and added " case "LAP-V201S-AUSR" " to the parent and now finds the device, but doesn't actually grab any data.