Leviton Z-Wave Switches Slow

I just moved from SmartThings to Hubitat and I could mirror switch functions (think turning on a switch when another is turns on and same when turned off) and it was very fast response. Hubitat is being very slow with the same thing created either in simple light or rule machine.

Anyone got any tips?

Looks like excluding and repairing the problem switches might have fixed it.


Another thing to try next time (if you didn't already) is clicking configure on the device details page.

On some (most?) drivers that re-sets up the associations back to the hub. So if it was an association issue, it would fix that.

The other thing to try next time (again, if you didn't already) is doing a Z-Wave Repair and see if the device find a more direct/reliable route to the hub. You can't see the routes (without an external stick/tool), but is sometimes worth a try.

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