Leviton Z-Wave dimmers HomeDepot deal of the day 3/12

$70 for 2, which is a good deal. These are the most "Maestro" like of the Z-wave dimmers.


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Meh, comparing to the Innovelli switches to come out at 30 a pop, doesn't seem like such a great deal. Innovelli no neutral required and supports notifications. But we have to wait till May for release, presale only now.

$35 each? That's an OK deal but nothing amazing. Plus I'm not a big fan of the Leviton switches. They don't seem as responsive as other alternatives. I'll stick with Caseta.

If you can wait till May (or much, MUCH later)...personally, I don't have the patience for that. :slight_smile:

Many here feel that the Lutron Caseta setup is superior to zwave switches, (but only if you already have a Lutron SmartBridge Pro).
The real advantage of the Leviton switches is that they indicate on the switch itself, if inclusion or exclusion has been successful or unsuccessful. No more looking for words in some sort of a log file. You just continue to look at the switch that you were just working on. Simple technique, but especially valuable and easy-to-use if you are switching hubs, etc.

The one thing I have found Leviton is better at than anyone else, is they work better with LEDs, especially when it comes to dimming. I had a GE+ dimmer running 7 can lights with LEDs, when I turned it on or off there would be a delay of 2-3 seconds before the bulb would react. Dimming was out of the question, it would only be on or off. Swapped it out for a Leviton, set the dimmer to LED load (in the switch settings you can select incandescent, florescent, or LED), and all works as it should.

If they only had the double/triple tap feature.....

The Innovelli switches seam to be the perfect dimmer/switch, I'm just worried about how they will react with the LEDs.

This wasn't meant to be a comparison thread, but here are my main considerations in choosing a device:

  1. Lutron communication protocol performs the best. I totally agree. I use RadioRA 2 in all my common areas where performance is most important.
  2. Caseta is fine, but
    a)the aesthetics of 4-5 buttons stink compared to Maestro button + bar. IMO. There is 4x the area to power a Maestro device as compared to a Caseta device.
    b) there is no control over initial levels or ramp rates
  3. For areas that I don't need the performance of RadioRA 2, I use Leviton Z-wave as they share some key characteristics for about 1/3 the price.
    a) aesthetics are similar to Maestro style dimmers. They don't look weird in a gang with Maestro devices.
    b) initial levels and ramp rates are configurable
    c) They perform fine now with the most up to date firmware.
  4. Devices that don't require a neutral are great if one doesn't have access to a neutral. But are decidedly not if one does. As there is too much trial and error with loads. Even Lutron non-neutral devices have trouble with some loads.