Leviton WiFi dimmer switch

Hello all, I am in Journey 3 in my conversion of my devices from ST to HE. (getting use to the acronyms :slight_smile: )

I have ONE ( :confounded: ) Leviton WiFi D26HD dimmer switch ( I thought it was Zwave) that I would like to get it working.

I browse the forum and found this : GitHub - tomwpublic/hubitat_myLeviton, where you can create a Virtual device that connects to the cloud to control the switch.

I wonder if anyone had any issues with this mechanism. I am aving some name resolution problems it looks.

My guess is that the my.leviton.com site probably changed its API, but I am not sure. Keep digging in the code to try to figure it out, but I though I would ask this forum.



I haven't heard anyone else report this issue.

Let's check in the other thread where most of the discussion with other users has been:

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