Leviton DZR15 Receptacles Available

Not sure if selling things is allowed here or not, so please feel free to remove the post and advise....

I don't know that the interest may be, but I've got probably 10 or more of these outlets. They all work, but I haven't had a lot of success with them. Sadly, in Canada we do LOVE our metal device boxes!!! Well, at least some of us do (I'm not one of them LOL).

These are of course, Z-Wave... not Z-Wave Plus. Not looking for a fortune, but if someone wanted to make an offer for the lot of them, which I'll have to count, I'd probably take just about anything reasonable. I may still even have the beige faceplates. Right now they are all white. Just trying to gauge interest. Otherwise, they'll just end up sitting in a box in the garage like so much of my other network and automation stuff. These did successfully work with Hubitat.

Keep in mind I'd have to figure out shipping, but I have the ability to send to Montana and then via USPS.