Leviton DZ6HD - strobes when set above 75%

I can pair the dimmer to HE. The Generic Z-Wave smart switch driver works. I have a HomeSeer Z-Stick, so I flashed the firmware to 1.20. The same issue persists, when I use the manual buttons or set dim level above 75% via the HE device page it strobes on and off. I think the max dim level can be configured with the HE Z-Wave tool. Does anyone know what commands I would use to do this?


I'm not getting a response from the switch when I set the driver to Basic Z-Wave tool. Is there a secret/trick to using that driver?

Oh, all the output is in the logs. Now it looks like my new question is.. can anyone direct me to a Z-Wave decoder for all that Hex?

Ha, I found a short list of parameters on the pdf... that I already had. Parameter 4, length 1, value 74. All fixed.

and again, today I learned something.

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